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How to Answer “Tell Me About Yourself”

26 October, 2014 by Matt Goldenberg

Men answering tell me about yourself
I was recently at a conference when I heard one attendee ask another the dreaded question: “Tell me about yourself.”

Pause for a second and think what answer you expect to that question. Usually, it’s something like “I’m an accountant” or “I do web development.”

Breaking the Mold

What I didn’t expect to hear (at least not from someone who hasn’t gone through the Self-Made Renegade premium coaching or products) was this answer:

“I give people super powers.”

That answer didn’t end the conversation – it started it. It was a powerful pattern interrupt that created curiosity and led to a half hour focused conversation and solid connection. And starting focused conversations is one of the most powerful skills you can bring to your next interview or networking event.

Starting focused conversations is a powerful skill you can bring to your next interview. (Tweet This) Tweet This

How to Use “Tell Me About Yourself” to Start Focused Conversations – The Two Sentence Story Technique

Today, I’d like to show you a powerful technique you can use to not only start that conversation – but immediately create a positive impression that few other candidates can create.


So here’s the breakdown of the two sentence story technique:

I am the (Memorable Fact or Hook) who helps (Specific Company Type) solve (Painful Problem) by (Unique Solution). I do this because (Compelling Story).

Go ahead and leave a comment, and I’ll give you some personalized advice with what I think.

Bonus Document – The Interview Secret Weapon

This template is the secret weapon my students use to blow away interviewers with their professionalism, preparedeness, proactivity.

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