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This Interview Mistake Could Cost You Your Next Job Offer

1 October, 2014 by Matt Goldenberg

Man is so nervous for job interview
When I first started working with my premium student David, he had a problem: He couldn’t seem to get past the first interview. He went to interview after interview, and was rejected again and again.

Finding Interview Weak Spots

The first thing that I did with him was a small mock interview, and it was immediately clear why he wasn’t getting calls back. He was nervous for his interview, couldn’t think of what to say, and just wasn’t coming across as the intelligent and competent individual I knew him to be.

Many people would say that deep seated confidence issues like this take months to fix — but David didn’t have months. In fact, he had an interview the very next day!

Using Shortcuts

Instead of trying to focus on the core problem, David and I spent 30 minutes focusing on shortcuts — little tips and tricks that he could use to fix the biggest mistakes he was making, without spending months fixing all his confidence and presentation issues.

When it was time for our call the next day, I expected him to tell me the interview had gone well, and that he would keep practicing. Or perhaps that he had been too nervous and blanked out on an answer again.

Instead, he called me in an excited voice, and told me that he had been hired on the spot! It turns out that with just a few small tweaks, a candidate can completely change the way they come across.

Fixing Interview Nervousness – The Happy Elf-Drill Sergeant Technique

Today, I’d like to share with you one of the shortcuts that I shared with David that day. The same shortcut I’ve used with other premium coaching clients to quickly fix a huge mistake in the way they come across. Check out the video to see how to use it for yourself.

Bonus Document – The Interview Secret Weapon

This template is the secret weapon my students use to blow away interviewers with their professionalism, preparedeness, proactivity.

Click the link below for free instant access.

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