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How to Make an Impressive Resume

8 December, 2014 by Matt Goldenberg

Impressive Scrabble Game with Resume Word

Eric Auld was frustrated. As a 26 year old with a Masters degree in English, he had applied to hundreds of jobs, drank what seemed like gallons of coffee, and experienced rejection after rejection.

It was at this point, at the peak of his frustration, that Eric decided to try an experiment. He was going to see exactly what competition he was up against.

Eric decided to create a sample job that had good benefits and basic requirements. He posted the job up on Craigslist, and waited to see the results.

24 hours later, here were his results:

  • 653 Applicants
  • 62 Applicants with 10 or More Years of Relevant Experience
  • ~262 Applicants with a Bachelors Degree or Higher

If you're shocked by this data, don't worry – there's still a way to break through the noise. It simply means rethinking the way you write your resume.

You Can't Just be Qualified, You Have to be Impressive

With so many people applying to a job, it can be hard to figure out how to stand out.

It might seem like it's just a matter of making your resume different from other people's. But with so many qualified applicants, any resume that takes more than a few seconds to read will be thrown out.

Any resume that takes more than a few seconds to read will be thrown out. Tweet This

Instead, you need to stand out, without being so different that you get discarded. I've broken down this approach in 3 steps below:

The 3 Commandments to Make an Impressive Resume

If you're interested in how to apply the commandments, I've got on awesome bonus for you.

Bonus Presentation – The Three Commandments of Resume Writing

A presentation that will show you how to follow the three commandments that will ensure your resume doesn’t end up in the discard pile.

Click the link below for free instant access.


The game has changed, and generic resumes will no longer cut it. Even if you know how to write a resume that gets you hired, the chances are you’re focusing on the wrong things. With one job posting getting over 600 applications, it's more important than ever to stand out. If you can follow these three commandments, you'll be ahead of 80% – 90% of job applicants.


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